I’m back: but in a new geography

Well, it’s been awhile since my last post. Actually it’s been 2 years and 181 days, in fact. I have a lot to update you on:

I never used my other blog

I was originally going to move my blog to a new address, but daunted by the process of building a new brand from scratch, it never took off. I should have known better though. Maybe in the future this blog will have to migrate, but since it’s mostly friends and family who read it, keeping it the same is no problem.

I no longer live in Japan

Shocking I know. Japan for me was a temporary step – a “gap-year” if you will. I had an outstanding job offer from PwC in the States. They basically gave me permission to go to Japan and they’d keep my job offer open for the following year. I have a lot of awesome people to thank for that and I remember my time at PwC fondly. Which leads me to…

I quit my job at PwC

As much as I loved the people I worked with, the challenges and hours put into my work at PwC made it prohibitively hard to pass the CPA, which I would need to be promoted to Senior. Finally I had to make a decision: take time off, quit, or keep working and forgo a promotion. You already know which one I chose. However, serendipitously when I was thinking to leave I received an email from a recruiter for a job in Internal Audit with a company based in Paris. So…

I moved to Paris, France

It’s true. I went from the East to the West to the Middle-West. After living and working in Denver, Colorado for two years, I’ve packed my bags and moved to a city I’ve never had an inclination to pursue. Everyone visits France. So cliche, no? France, French people…. what am I even doing?

However, I did bring my camera and I still like to take pictures. A lot has happened over the last 2 years and 281 days, but it’s time to start again keeping family and friends updated, while also venting about some of the daily bullshit I have to put up with (it’s France, so there’s a bit). However, I’d also like to share the nice parts (it’s France, so there some of that too). Someday perhaps I’ll return to Japan, or to the US, but for now I’m focused on a few more practical things. That doesn’t mean weird stuff doesn’t still happen though, so don’t worry.

Anyway, if anyone still pays attention to this blog, get ready. Dfoxinjapan will stay the same, except Dfox is no longer in Japan. Now, he’s Dfoxinparis.

Au revoir,


2 thoughts on “I’m back: but in a new geography

  1. Yay!!!! I can’t wait to read about all the things the world (we’ll, France) has to offer you! Miss you, love you, take care LBE!!

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