One of the national pasttimes for old people and gambling addicts is Pachinko. Technically, it’s not gambling, because gambling is illegal.But if you use little metal balls and put them into a slot machine then it’s not money and thus, not gambling. Definitely. Not. Gambling.

Just like this doesn’t at all look like a Casino.

We went to go play Pachinko a couple of weeks ago. It’s an interesting thing. Like a slot machine mated with a pinball machine, the goal is to shoot these little metal balls into a machine where hopefully they end up in one of the special holes which will win you more metal balls. When you’re done playing, you leave with no balls (depending how long you’ve been sitting there), or you can cash out your metal balls for money.

A row of pachinko machines.

I lost all of my money pretty quickly.

So did Sayaka.

George however, was winning. Although he wasn’t sure why. For some reason there was a big, white, flashing bird that would drop down and yell at him and more metal balls would come rolling out of the machine.

“Whadda fuck?”

When you’re done, you take your balls to the counter. The lady counts them and gives you a ticket for cash, or you can redeem the credits for prizes like at Chuck-E-Cheese. If you want the cash, you have to exit the building, take your ticket to literally a 6×4 inch hole in the wall, put them in, a hand takes them and a hand comes out holding cash. George won 4,000 yen on a 2,000 yen buy-in. The sweaty hand gave it to him.

He bought us Ramen.

Definitely. Not. Gambling.

2 thoughts on “Pachinko!

  1. Kep in mind many people read your blog. It’s very good! But I suggest you take out f—- from George’s quote and use %&(^# instead.

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