Chillin With My Homies

Which happen to be two women who are older than my mother. They rock.

They cooked me lunch.

And they fed me cake.


That day I snuck (aka took the elevator) to the top of the JR towers to take some picures. My camera came with a 55-250mm lens so I took some pictures of Nagoya Castle from wayyy far away.


Then I wandered down to the Golden Clock, the go-to meeting spot in the middle of the station. I was headed to meet some people to go to an all-you-can-eat beer garden on the roof of the Meitetsu department store.

The Golden Clock.

The Meitetsu Department store is right next to the JR towers in Nagoya. It has a great view of the buildings so I took a few shots over the course of the night. We talked, drank, laughed and enjoyed our Sunday night (which is our Saturday night with our work schedule).

Middle of a story.

I got a good progression of the towers as the sun went down.


These nights are so fun. They cost a lot, but they’re well worth it when it’s with the right people:)

One thought on “Chillin With My Homies

  1. I love it! Japan was the most amazingly weird place I have ever been. Totally worth the 21 hour solo flight around the world and $4,000 credit card debt that took almost a year to pay off (I underestimated the value of the yen vs. the U.S. dollar- oops). I just wrote an entry of some of my favorite things about Japan last summer. Here is the link if you want to check it out:


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