Golden Week 4 – Shiraito Falls

So after Keitaro drove us almost all over Shizuoka prefecture, he arrived at Shiraito Falls. “Shiraito” means “white strings” in English and when I did some long exposure photos of the falls you can find out why:

The white strings.

We walked around for awhile, checking out the things that were there. We found come sake kegs.

Not your average college kegger.

Further down towards the falls there’s a big powerful waterfall. I didn’t grow up in a humid place, so a big waterfall usually impresses me a lot.

As we got closer to the falls we could see water rolling down the rocks near the falls. It was absolutely fantastic. We decided it would be a good place to take some pictures.

This is Keitaro. We owe this man sooo much. He was great!

The falls from far away.

The water’s so blue. I’m not sure what it is about Japan…

It was so nice to travel with someone other than myself! I need a travel buddy. If you want to apply you can contact me here.

Then we got ice cream. Ice cream is awesome here, mostly because they have flavors that no one in the US would have the balls to try to sell. Of course there’s chocolate and vanilla, but then there’s wasabi flavor (which I got), baked potato, chestnut, and grape.

As we walked back to the car Keitaro asked, “where to next?” We told him we were going to Numazu, 45 minutes away and he could just drop us off at the station. But Keitaro drove us there!

Seriously. Awesome.

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