Golden Week in Japan – Kathy and Trev Come Visit!

Golden Week is the “spring break” of Japan. Nearly the entire country shuts down shop and hits the road to travel, visit their hometown, or whatever. It’s a busy time, but I get vacation so I’m happy.

Well this year I had two visitors. My dear friend Kathy, who I met my freshman year of college, came to see me in Japan! She brought her boyfriend Trevor and spent the week seeing some great stuff!

This is Kathy. She’ll kill me for putting this online.

The first place on our list was Inuyama, which I wrote about before. It’s a great place and home to one of the few original castles left in Japan. I recommend seeing it.

They have nice flowers too.

Well this time in Inuyama was pretty special and new for me because we got to stop by a very famous calligrapher’s house. She travels around the world and is famous for her calligraphy. It’s pretty amazing.

This is her work.

She looks like a Japanese version of my Mom. She really liked my face. She said it looked like the sun. I’m not sure if she means I have a bright personality or my face is hard to look at.


She took our names and then made Kanji that “represented” us. She wrote them right in front of us. She didn’t charge us. It was super cool.

This is my Kanji. I have no idea what it means but the middle Kanji is the same as the Kanji for “Japan” aka “the land of the rising sun”. I think she took the face looking like the sun thing to heart.

After that we headed to the castle, which was still amazing. Here’s some more pics.



Then we headed off to the tea house again, which was AWESOME. The colors are excellent.


Our guide said that you can take a picture through this door and it looks like a painting. I concur.

And then there’s the flowers. It’s spring here, so they’re great.



Before we left, we ate some grilled squid. Typical.


All in all, an excellent day.

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