Dropping $2k On Plane Tickets

Sunrise over Tokyo. Completely unrelated to this post 😛

A big part of my reason for coming to Japan was to travel. I wasn’t ready to continue working in the place where I was born until who-knows-when. I wasn’t ready to be chained to a desk for 40+ hours a week making good money, but wanting to be somewhere else.

That said, spending two grand on plane tickets stings.

To be fair, that price has bought me tickets from Nagoya to Vietnam, Bangkok to India, India to Jeju island in South Korea, Jeju Island back to Nagoya, Nagoya to Los Angeles, and Los Angeles to Denver. As an added bonus, I even get an 11-hour layover in Honolulu starting at 9am, so I might even get to see the beach. It’s less than I budgeted, and that makes me really happy.

I’m just not sure what effect this will have on my savings and I’m still not sure if there will be any hidden costs along the way. I know I have enough money to cover the tickets, but we’ll see how much remains for travel. I heard Southeast Asia is really cheap, I’m literally taking a backpack for two months of travel, and I’m mostly staying with friends, but that doesn’t mean things won’t creep up.

Either way, I’m happy to have the tickets booked and finally know some concrete dates. Now I have to work out my visas for those countries, which shouldn’t cost more than $200 (I hope).

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