“Backpacking” Asia

That’s what I’m doing. But not any kind of pussy-foot backpacking. I’ve convinced myself to travel around Asia for a month with this:

Too big you say?

This backpack is about the size of my torso from waist to neck. It will hold my camera, a change of clothes, a waterbottle, and toiletries. It is small enough to be a carry-on and big enough to hold what I need it to hold. I’ll wear cargo shorts and t-shirts, I’ll wash my clothes in the shower if I have to and if anything is unwashable, I’ll buy new clothes.

This backpack has proven itself. Look at any of my posts from 2009 and you’ll see that this backpack has been all over the world with me. I got it when I was maybe in 9th grade from my neighbor whose Dad worked for Coors. Best backpack ever.

2 thoughts on ““Backpacking” Asia

  1. Maybe I’ll try that for Bangkok and Bali! Good idea – the less carried, the more energy saved for the adventures!

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