So I told you in the last post that Hanami basically means “Cherry-blossom viewing party”. Well the word for the actual Cherry Blossoms is “Sakura”. The day after our Hanami a former student of mine and I went to Yamazaki River to see the cherry blossoms there. The area is somewhat famous for being very beautiful during the blossom season.

It a river with cherry trees down both sides. When they bloom, they cascade down the edges of the river. It really was amazing.

This is Sayaka, she was one of my more advanced students and she’s a blast to hang out with.

Yamazaki River.

From another angle.

In the winter I never notice these trees. They just look like skeletons of summer. But in the spring they change into something that’s absolutely amazing.

We walked down along the river for awhile, looking at the blossoms along the way.

It’s starting to smell like spring! There are a lot of things for sale that incorporate the cherry blossom. There are bottles of sugar with cherry blossoms in it. It smells amazing and makes your tea taste like blossoms.

I told Sayaka to pretend like she was smelling the blossoms, but she wasn’t enthusiastic enough, so I showed her how it’s done.

Bike rack with birds.

We found a few more flowers on the way home. I like taking pictures of them. For some reason they’re always perfect and it usually doesn’t last long

Spending that day with Sayaka was really great. Being able to sit under the trees and get to know each other better was what makes moving so far from my family worth it. As the wind blew some of the blossoms started to fall like snow. It was amazing to me that in another week all the blossoms would be gone. You can see how the cherry trees represent impermanence. Soon, my Japan experience will be over and a new one will begin. It’s kind of scary, but when you see the beautiful things that come of those skeleton trees, it can give you a lot of hope for your own empty branches.

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