A Visit to Numazu

When I first arrived in Nagoya, I trained with a bunch of people from different English-speaking countries. We vowed to meet up at least once throughout the year and recently we went to Numazu to make that happen. Numazu is really close to Mt. Fuji and on a clear day you can see the mountain standing tall in the distance. It was cloudy the whole weekend.

It was good to go with our friend to show us around. If I had gone there by myself I would’ve had no idea what to see or do. Not reading Kanji and not speaking Japanese are not good things to be lacking in Japan, but our good buddy WH took good care of us for the weekend. Taking us out to a brewery to try some craft brews (reminded me of New Begium), WH got us a little tipsy with his students and friends before going to Karaoke and calling it a night. Being caught up in conversation I took one picture of George at Karaoke and absolutely none of the many hours that came before that. So here ya go.


We took the bullet train to Numazu, which was pretty cool because it was actually my first time. It’s just like an airplane and extremely comfortable. I want one in the US. I was jealous.

A lady comes around with food and drinks for sale.

Our second day in Numazu, WH took us around to see some of the city. He lives next to a beautiful beach.

We walked through a park to get there, it was really nice.

Nice beach.

Then we set out to the fish market. We had sushi for breakfast. It was caught that day and was absolutely delicious.

Did I mention we ate a lot of it?
So good.

After sushi we went to see some of the animals we just ate. Numazu has a aquarium that is known for deep-sea fish. We actually got to see lantern fish swim in a pitch black room. It was dizzying to see the flock of glowing lights flowing back and forth. You couldn’t see the fish, just glowing green dots about the size of a half-dollar. I actually have no idea what a lanternfish looks like in the light, so while you check out these pictures, I’ll be on wikipedia:

Some weird sea cucumber.



Hilarious and adorable in a weird, non-cuddly way.



“You have beautiful eyes…”

Blue Lobster!




This thing was about 5 feet long and terrifying to look at. I couldn’t tell if they’re extinct, but I’d kind of hate to bump into one if I was down deep. I found it made me feel better if I imagined him doing a belly laugh:
“HAHAHAHAHA… You’re so – ha! _funny! hahahaha”

Thanks for the awesome trip WH! Come to Nagoya soon.

Here’s a picture of a lanternfish.

2 thoughts on “A Visit to Numazu

  1. the last fish is a coelocanth. It was thought to be extinct, until a fisherman caught one off south africa about 50 years ago.

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