Shirl Comes to Japan!

My high school English teacher is one of the smartest people I know. She has been a dear and loyal friend since I met her when I was 15. She currently teaches on an island called Jeju, which is a part of South Korea. It’s a new job for her, but it puts us relatively close to each other for the time being. In February, she came to visit and we took the weekend to travel around to a few of my favorite places that I thought she had to see.

Shirl and I in front of Nagoya Castle. Unfortunately we got there right after closing time, but we were able to take this from a nearby hotel.

The next few photos are from the top of Midland Square, right across from where I work. The building is one of the tallest in Nagoya.

This is a little blurry because I didn’t have a tripod, but this is the Nagoya cityscape. It’s like this all the way around the tower. Nagoya and the surrounding areas is home to about 8 million people.

Looking down on the Spiral Tower.

Seeing eye to eye with the JR towers was pretty impressive. There are a few really expensive restaurants in there that I’m destined to try before I leave.

After spending the night looking around Nagoya we called it a night to prepare for our trip to Shirakawago the next day. The trip was great and I’ll write more about the Gassho house we stayed in, but here are some panoramic pictures to hold you over until then:









That’s all for now. These are just a few of the shots that I took that day. I’ll do my best to update them soon.

I’ve also been getting into my photos lately. Japan has so many amazing places to take pictures so I’m looking at buying an SLR camera for the quality and HD video capability. Does anyone have any advice on what kind of camera I could buy? Right now I’m looking at the Canon t3i and it’s looking really good. Any help would be great! Anyway, hope you enjoy these pictures.

2 thoughts on “Shirl Comes to Japan!

  1. David, Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. I look forward to seeing where you have been. I didn’t like the fish dinner you showed pictures of–don’t want to eat anything that is looking back at me! Going to visit your Mom in May! Wish you would be there too, but Anne should be home by then. Be careful, have fun. Love, Maryanne

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