Chita Peninsula

One of our students invited us out to Chita Peninsula, which is about an hour south of Nagoya. It’s famous for delicious seafood.

Chita Peninsula circled in red. (Wikipedia)

Tadahiro is one of our older students. He’s a retiree and comes to English classes to “keep himself from getting senile”. He’s absolutely hilarious and has an excellent sense of humor.

Tadahiro, Mari, and Tina

He drove us down to the beach and took us to an excellent restaurant where we ate some delicious food!

Fishy fish.

Tina borrowed my camera and took some pictures, I was furiously work on an origami rose which I never finished because my brain started to hurt towards the end.

Tadahiro drove us home while I fell asleep in the backseat. Best. Trip. Ever.

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