Nabana No Sato

Nabana No Sato is a yearly illumination in Kuwana, which is about an hour bus ride from Nagoya. In the summer it’s a botanical garden and in the winter they light it up with huge light tunnels and a thematic, light-up display. This year, the display mimicked the changing of the seasons with a giant tree. It turned pink for spring, when the cherry blossoms come out; green for summer; red for the fall; and white for the winter. It was truly beautiful. The light tunnels were pretty great too.

In the light tunnel. This thing is probably 200 feet long and full of people. Here I’m with Ayumi, Mika, and George.

Pink for the spring!

Red for the fall.

From above on a viewing platform. The place was so crowded!

This is Ayumi. She was our waitress during a party for work. It turns out she went to high school in Boulder during an exchange program and will be working at Disney world in April. She speaks really good English and has helped us out a lot while we travel!

The whole place is illuminated. There are lots of different restaurants to enjoy a meal at and just take in the beauty of the night.


Overall it was a really great trip. I’m not sure I’d go back in the same season, it’s a little too crowded, but the one time was really fun and I’d recommend checking it out at least once if you visit.

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