Saying Goodbye to Sammy

Our school is kind of big. This is good because I get to meet lots of new people all the time and there’s all types of people to hang out with. This is bad because our turnover is pretty high, with students and staff coming and going all the time.

Recently, we said goodbye to one of our happiest and most positive staff members. I’ve never seen her angry or upset, even if she’s dead tired. She could keep track of all of our 350+ students in her head. She was really an amazing person. She got promoted to be the manager of her own school! From what I hear, she’s doing great. We had a goodbye party for her and I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you some of my coworkers.

This is Tina. She’s incredibly smart and has an excellent accent and helps to support me through any weird stuff that might happen. That’s our friend Yuko kissing her face.

This is me and a few friends. We were playing a drinking game at the time where someone hides a coin in their palm. On the count of three all the team slaps their hands down on the table. The other team has to guess who has the coin and in which hand.

And of course here’s Sammy, with her big smile and great attitude. Ignore my nerdy digital watch and pens in the front pocket.

We’re going to miss you a lot Sammy! You’ll be a great manager:)

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