The Nagoya Aquarium

During the last few days of our New Year’s break George and I took a trip to the Nagoya Aquarium. The aquarium isn’t necessarily famous, but it’s one of the only aquariums that I know of that has a dolphin show included with the admission. When we got inside that was the first thing we checked out.

The dolphins jumping up into the sky! It was cold out, but they still came up. The trainers ever trained them to bow to the audience and catch a frisbee out of the air!

On the floor below you could see into the dolphin tank to watch them swim around and play with each other, they would swim by the glass and play with people, it was pretty cool. The room was a deep blue color. We even saw one lady sitting there, shoes off, meditating.

These jellies were cool, they changed colors with the lights.

IMG_0674 IMG_0679
They had a bubble you could put your head in so it felt like you were in the tank. I locked eyes with a lobster.

From top to bottom: Giant clams, an eel with that cleaning shrimp from Finding Nemo, a grim sea turtle, and seahorses.

As we left for the day we were left with a nice view of Nagoya Port with the sun setting

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