Snowboarding in the Japanese Alps

There’s not too many things on my bucket list. There’s just not much I want to do in my life besides make a million dollars and travel the world. However, when the opportunity comes up to do one of the things on my list I definitely take it.

I added “snowboard in Japan” to my bucket list about 4 years ago when I saw a Warren Miller ski documentary and saw the people in it skiing and snowboarding in Japan. At that time, I had no plan to go to Japan, had no idea Japan even had mountains, and had no idea I would EVER in my wildest dreams go to Japan, but I added it to my bucket list thinking, “What the hell… maybe.”

I got my opportunity, so I took it.

I snowboarded for three days in Hakuba, which is in Nagano, Japan. Hakuba is where the winter olympics were held forever ago. It was awesome. Our first day there it snowed all day and I woke up to beautiful powder the next. Snowboarding is quickly becoming one of my favorite (albeit most expensive) hobbies.

Beautiful Huh?

It was almost like I was back in Colorado.

Outside our Lodge room window in the morning. Nice 6 or so inches of fresh powder.


Day 2 was considerably sunnier. Props to Zach for the picture.

Japan was definitely more mountainous than I thought.

You can take a gondola to the very top of the mountain and try some expert terrain. I actually tried some of the expert runs, and although I spent a lot of time resting my legs, I made it down just fine and in record time.

Tomohiro (one of our students) and I went off to play in the powder. We both got stuck in a low point and it took us forever to climb out. Here’s Tomohiro, waist-deep in snow.

I have more pictures to put up, and good stories. I’ll split it up into a few posts so it’s easier to digest. Overall, it was great fun.

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