Get $20 for free!

One of my hobbies in college was to go around to banks and make money for opening new accounts and stuff like that. For example, a bank might offer to give you $100 for opening a new checking account, so I go in, open the account with their minimum deposit, collect the promotion $, then close the account and walk away with double my money 6 months later.

Even though I’m not in college anymore, SERVE from American express just made me do it again, because their promotion requires no money from you to get $20! I’d like to note that this is for people who are coherent with technology and banking online (so Mom, get Dad to help you or something).

For the first $10: Go to SERVE‘s website and make an account. Follow their instructions and the money will be credited to your SERVE account. My credit showed up the first time I logged into my account.

For the 2nd $10: Play their Money Mover game here. It’s a little trivia game that gives you $10 when you answer a question correctly. It’s super easy, but even if you get it wrong, you can keep playing until you win! Then just put in the email address you have linked to your SERVE account and they’ll send you an email on how to collect your money (You might have to wait up to 72 hours, so be patient).

After that, go to your SERVE account and you can transfer the whole amount out via check or ACH transfer for free! Boom, 20 free dollars. Take it and buy yourself a small Christmas present.

Anyway, I know this is outside of the scope of this blog, so if it interests you let me know! I’ll post more stuff like this when I find it. If not, go ahead and ignore.

Happy Banking!

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