Hanging out with the Real Housewives of Nagoya

With Tomoka and Yuko, two of my awesome students.

I have the best students, I really really do. I’m sure everyone says that, but I mean it more than they do – and I publish it online. So there.

I teach all levels of English, from beginners to people who just moved back from America and want to stay fresh. From hour to hour I might teach someone who can’t put a sentence together, to company CEOs who want to talk about how a subsidiary is taking a giant poop on his company’s balance sheet.

I make an effort to see them outside of class, even though some of them can be difficult to communicate with. When two of my beginner students invited me out for lunch and coffee one day I was a little concerned that I was in for an exhausting day, but it actually ended up being really nice.

In the Station near my office there are these huge buildings that have restaurants and shops in them. They offer a really nice view of the city and are much too expensive for a person like me to eat there on a regular basis, but on this day, the ladies took me there. They brought their dictionaries, we chatted, we ate, looked up a lot of words in the dictionary and then they paid for my whole meal. It was incredibly generous.

Midland Square’s beautiful Christmas Tree. In a Buddhist country. Figure that one out.

I thought that was it, but apparently they, “want[ed] to have tea” so we trucked it over to Midland Square to a perfect little coffee shop and got dessert and coffee. We talked for awhile. At one point Yuko asked me if I have a girlfriend. When I told her “No” she looked confused, typed something into her electronic dictionary and showed it to me. It said, “What a waste!”. I told her to keep an eye out for nice girls for me. She said ok.

We ate, we talked, we looked up more words, we laughed, and then they paid for my coffee and food. They wouldn’t take no for an answer. When I offered to pay, they laughed and looked at me like I was a child.

I’m not sure what happened there, or how we even managed to talk to 3 hours, but they got some English practice and I got lunch, so everyone left happy. I asked them to take a picture with me before they left and it’s the one at the beginning of this post.

I miss you Mom, but don’t worry because there are two Moms here who can’t help but to take good care of me. They don’t speak English, but hey, it just means they’ll never replace you.

One thought on “Hanging out with the Real Housewives of Nagoya

  1. David, You made your mother very happy with your last comment. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. I very much enjoy your pictures. I can not believe how clear they are. I want to send some money to your Mom so she can put it in your account. I’m getting ready to go to Christmas Eve Mass. On Christmas Day, my cousin is coming to dinner. I’m hoping she brings her Jack Russell Terrier–Archie. He is a bundle of energy. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you. Remember you are loved, even though you are far,far away!
    love, Maryanne Conway

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