What I Want For Christmas

Dear Santa (aka Readers),

Since I live overseas it’s kind of expensive to ship packages. Even postcards cost about $2 a pop to send off to my friends and family. Thankfully, email and Skype are still free.

I’ve been thinking about what I want for Christmas this year and it’s a tough call. I almost always ask for cash. I don’t know why, I just don’t really need an ipad or a gift card or a doo-dad that lights up or spins or flashes. I have nowhere to put it, I probably won’t pay attention to it, and I already spend enough time with technology as it is.

There is one type of technology that brings me closer to people though and it’s this blog. I enjoy writing for you and telling you about what I’m doing. I enjoy seeing that people read it and I like reading the comments when people get excited about something I’ve written. I’ve been thinking for awhile now about starting my own website. There’s something about having a “david.fox.com” that would be pretty cool. I’d be able to design the site how I want and put videos and extra sections for other awesome things. Maybe I could even sell some things on there and get the site to pay for itself. Then, the accountant in me could make a income statement and statement of cash flows in Excel…

The gift that keeps on giving…

So that’s what I want this year: a domain name. Something that let’s me say, “Hi, I’m David. I have to go to something super awesome right now, but you should check out my website…”

Also, cash. I still take cash too.

Love you all and miss you,


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