Day Trip – Yoro Falls

Sorry for not writing in a bit, I’m actually starting to run out of space in my WordPress account for pictures! I guess those things take up a lot of space. I found a free fix by hosting my pictures on Flickr. It’s kind of cool too because I can upload the photos even if I don’t put them in the blog. So you can click here to see all kinds of pictures starting now.

A few weeks ago I took a day trip by myself to Yoro Falls in Gifu prefecture which is just to the north of Aichi Prefecture, where Nagoya is located. I heard the waterfall was really pretty, especially in the Fall, because the leaves change color to a beautiful red color.

I was a little early for the red leaves, but I did get to see an absolutely beautiful day at the waterfall. The water is rumored to have healing powers and at the top they sell a carbonated cider that is made with the water from the falls. I highly recommend trying it.

This is the train station. The final train to the Falls is independently owned and operated.

Beautiful Japanese country in Gifu.

These spiders are huge! Some of them are almost as big as my finger!

On the hike to the Falls.

Made it!

I hiked up a little further to get a view of the city.

It’s a very peaceful place.



I definitely recommend visiting Yoro Falls. It really is a wonderful place to relax. To get here, take the JR Tokaido Line from Nagoya Station to Ogaki Station (30 minutes, 740yen). When you get to Ogaki,you can transfer to a private rail line the rest of the way up (25 minutes, 400yen). Once you get there, there’s a clear walking map. It’s a small place so it’s hard to get lost.

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