My visit to the Dr.

I was doing hang cleans a few weeks ago in the gym and I think I messed up my wrist, because in a next few days a big lump started GROWING in my wrist. It didn’t hurt, but it freaked me out a little. Lucky for me, there’s a doctor who speaks English literally next door to my school, so I popped in during lunch one day to have him take a look at it.

Let me just say it was weird. I had to fill out some paperwork and wait for a little. I was worried that maybe they’d say it was a tumor or something and that would put a big damper on my plans for, you know, life.

Instead I walked into the office where I saw the doctor who had a crazy eye. Kind of like this.

This was my first hint that this guy might not be a good doctor. Or that all of his friends were terrible doctors, which wasn’t promising either. He also barely spoke English.

He looked at my wrist, asked me to hold on, went to talk to a nurse and then came back and told me I had “GANG GREEN”. He said I should just watch it for a month and see if it goes away. I have no idea where this guy studied medicine.

I sat there for a minute and gave him The Rock eyebrow because I was like, wow, I really hope this isn’t expensive. It was. I sat in the man’s office for literally 2 minutes and it costed me 10 dollars to have nothing happen. I wasn’t impressed.

As far as I can tell the bump is just a cyst. Dr. eyeball told me that it’s “jelly” and a syringe would probably be able to drain it. I know that sounds gross, but hey. For now, it doesn’t hurt, and doesn’t bother me, so I’m just going to watch it, like he said. If it grows legs I’ll be on the first plane home.

3 thoughts on “My visit to the Dr.

  1. It’s probably a ganglion cyst. They are benign. I have one on my wrist. As long as it doesn’t cause you pain, you can live with it forever. If you decide to have it removed, you can do that, but it might come back. Mine did — but not for 10 years. 🙂

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