Ice Skating!

Sorry I have been really bad about writing lately. I’m still doing lots of interesting things so I’ll be catching up on past events in the next few days.

A couple of weeks ago we organized a school event to go ice skating with a big group of our students and staff. There’s a indoor skating rink in a nearby area called Osu. Apparently it’s where a former Japanese Olympian used to train.

To be honest, it’s really easy to get around Japan in English. Most people understand at least some of it so glorified caveman speech goes a long way. “You, go, to, ice, skate, this, weekend?” It’s effective. I’m a little concerned I might bring this habit home with me.

Canadian Zach fits almost all the stereotypes of a Canadian, one of those being he played hockey and can skate really well. I wasn’t as good as him, but I was a lot better than I remember being. I didn’t even fall once!

This is my boss, Tomo. She's great and makes me laugh a lot.

Zach pulled everyone around for awhile.

We skated for a few hours! The skates weren’t very comfortable so I got some nasty bruises and blisters on my ankles, but it was ok, we had a good time.

My student Manabu was there with his camera, so I actually got to be in some of the pictures! This is me, George, Zach and our students.

After skating we went out for a big dinner to celebrate one of our students’ birthdays! We taught them how to play a less crazy version of King’s Cup. They really started winning when they made a rule that we couldn’t speak any English.

Sitting down to a big dinner after skating.

Things have been really good lately. I’ve been able to take some small weekend trips. Next weekend I’m going to see a real castle in a place called Inuyama!

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