It’s a Typhoooooon!

Ok, so we had a Typhoon here in Nagoya about 2 weeks ago. A typhoon is the equivalent of a hurricane (we know because we looked it up).

Basically, a typhoon makes for a nice cozy weekend inside. Watching movies, reading books, staring at the ceiling, and cooking too much food are all ok activities in this situation. There’s only one small thing you need to be aware of…. floods.

I live in a little city called Kyosu (kee-oh-soo) just north of Nagoya, where I work. Kyosu is a charming and non-hip place where old people live. It also sits between two rivers, so when it rains really hard for a long time, people get a little shifty (not shitty, which is what you might see if you read too fast).

So, here’s the big river, which is about a 5 minute walk from my front door.

This was the river when I got here in June...

During the typhoon... Note the water level against the pillars of the bridge... Also notice the islands in the river are gone. As are the trees on the side of the river.

And this is the river afterwards. Notice the islands are all GONE.

Here’s another little comparison:

This is a picture standing on the bridge. Taken when I got here in June. Notice the big green island that ran right under the bridge I'm standing on.

The first picture was taken while I was standing on the bridge between the 2nd and 3rd support pillars looking left. This picture is during the typhoon. Notice the island is underwater.

And the same picture after. The island is washed away, you can see a little piece of the sandbar where all those trees used to be growing.

In the end, we didn’t flood. Even if we did, I live on the 3rd floor and water doesn’t get that high, so I would have just had a nice big swimming pool for a few days. Everybody’s fine, but it’s still pretty amazing what nature can do in a few days!

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