Corporate Lesson!

So if you remember back in July I took on a Corporate lesson in addition to my normal teaching schedule. I had no friends and no social life so I figured, why not.

This is where I teach. It’s a pretty place. The whole city belongs to Toyota. I teach a group of 4 guys who probably make your car save your life when you crash. They also work on future technology, so I can’t bring my camera into the building. I’m hoping they’ll give me some kind of flying Lexus before I leave. I’d settle for a Camry too. I just wanted to show you a picture of the city. I can’t take my camera inside and our lessons mostly consist of “How are you”s before nerding out on car technology, so I’ll spare you that.

I think the city looks best at night. It stands out so well. Humans must be the most impressive species on earth simply because we defy nature so excellently with our cities.

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