Oktoberfest in Nagoya

Come here and drink your beer!

Ok, so this actually happened a few weeks ago and I’m not sure why I didn’t write about it. Looking back, it was one of the best moments so far. I actually just got done squeezing out a few tears while laughing at the video I took.

Nagoya has an Oktoberfest. You can spend a small fortune drinking German beer, singing, and dancing like crazy. It’s… crazy. Literally. I have never seen so many drunk Japanese people in my life. Not only that, but they were dancing and clapping to a yodeling German woman and polka band with large mustaches.

It just never gets old. I’m still laughing…

Zach and I took a bunch of our students to the beer fest. We thought it would be a fun event since most of our students are over the legal drinking age and love a good time. Plus, they get to practice English. It’s the best extracurricular event ever.

The tent where all the debauchery takes place.

George, Me and Ayano. This was before I got my bank card in the mail, so I was still relying on the Bank of Tina.

We danced, I got really sweaty, the students were grossed out, I took a half hour to ring out my clothes and dry off, and we danced again.

Here’s a video of the craziness. For some reason it makes me laugh every single time.

Sayaka, one of my more advanced students, brought me some tickets to her tour at the Toyota museum. I’m kind of excited. Especially because I teach their employees now.


Sayaka and I in front of the yodeling German woman.

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