Ew, A Bug

Every now and then I am clicking through my camera and I find a few photos that I REALLY like. In that moment, I almost want to become a photographer. Maybe someday, when I’m a millionaire, I will.

I felt this way when I was looking through my camera at some pictures I had taken of a bug. Yes – that’s it. A bug. One thing Japan has lots and lots of are bugs, so when one landed on my umbrella I decided to snap a few pictures before he flew away.

While I’m working on Kyoto Day 3, go ahead and peep these…

Big and Green. You can see all his little hairs. Kind of cool.

He tried to escape. Camera-shy I'm guessing.

If you want to take pictures like these, use the "Digital Macro" setting on your little wussy camera. For you more advanced people, don't take advice from me.

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