First Things First – Welcoming Mama Fox and Going to Kyoto

Ok, so before I can write about Kyoto I have to write about what happened prior to Kyoto because otherwise Kyoto just might not make sense…

Zach’s Mom is here in Japan visiting him. He hasn’t seen her in over a year. I imagine that would make for a teary reunion. Either way, we all went out to dinner last Saturday to introduce her to the students and welcome her here.

Zach's Mom, back right. That multi-colored flag in the background is actually from a fisherman's boat. Apparently they are pretty famous.

Some of our students wore the traditional “yukata” to the dinner. They looked absolutely great. I noticed the bottoms of the yukatas usually button up and restrict how long your stride can be. Usually the women have to shuffle around in them with small little steps. It seemed uncomfortable to me, but whatever.

Kaori on the left and Megumi on the right both wearing yukatas. Me, George, and Zach in the middle

We ate and drank and ate and DRANK. Apparently the beer was all-you-can-drink, which is an expensive affair here in Japan, so we didn’t let any of it go to waste.

Poor Namiko heard from Zach's hand in this one...

Overall, it was pretty awesome. Around the end of the meal the waiters brought out bowls of rice with a mashed potato topping that you could put on top. It was the first thing I’ve eaten so far that almost made me throw it right back up. The potato had a consistency of snot. Despite that, all the Japanese students claimed it was only potatoes. I believe them, kind of…

Anyway, the snot-potato turned into our final drinking game. Whoever didn’t finish their beer had to eat a nice, heaping, gooey spoonful. I made sure not to lose. The Japanese students started to head home to catch their trains. Zach, George and I were left sitting there with 2 pitchers of beer left. We didn’t leave until we had finished all of them. You might be wondering about how this relates to Kyoto, but don’t worry because I’m about to tell ya!

The beer drinking wasn’t the problem, nor was the fact that I was beyond tipsy. The issue was…

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