Back From Kyoto!

Hey all! I just got back from Kyoto last night. I made some changes to the blog, sorry if all you RSS subscribers got deluged with a bunch of posts last night. The reason that happened is because I imported my blog from Spain into this blog! Now, you can go back in time and check out the first post I ever wrote!

In other news. The Tomato plants I bought are getting quite big. I also found out that my balcony is an excellent place to heat water in the sun for showers. It saves me $ on my gas bill and would warm any tree-hugger’s heart.

There are some tiny little green tomatoes growing on there!

The water is downright hot after sitting on the balcony all day. I actually have to mix it with colder water before I can use it. Thanks Sun!

In other news, I’m working on the Kyoto blog as you read this. It should be pretty cool. Here’s a preview of what we saw. While you’re looking at that I’ll get back to work!

Simply... Just... Amazing

More Coming!

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