I Got a Guitar!

So, believe it or not, Craigslist.com works here. All you have to do is select your region, country, and city and BOOM! just like home, there are a bunch of classifieds at your fingertips.

This is heaven, because that’s how I found this beauty:

It’s a Crafter GAE 8 guitar. It retails new for about 438 euros, which is about $600. Here’s the kicker: I got it for about $250.

Where did I find such a deal, you ask?? Craigslist.com. Another foreigner was selling it and I swooped in to snatch it up. I met him on July 31st when he played it at an open mic night in Imaike, which is about a 20 minutes train ride from where I live.

Harmonium Parlour, The Plastic Factory

The venue is called the Plastic Factory and at the end of every month they have an open mic night where anyone can stop by, sign up, and play for a small crowd. I was surprised that the crowd was mostly comprised of foreigners, but it’s all good, because then they know the words.

I totally lucked out on this guitar and I’m excited to play it. Hell, George and I have already agreed to play the next open mic night. I’m excited.

4 thoughts on “I Got a Guitar!

  1. HI David..hope your doing well. Hey have you been to any music stores there? I am wondering if they have their own brand of higher quality guitars like here we have fenders and gibsons etc. here or is it the same brands as over here

    • I will check! Sounds like a good topic for a post;) If you’re thinking of something specific let me know. I could always bring it home for you.

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