Saying goodbye to a friend

The school I work at is called the “Meieki School”. It refers to our location compared to other schools. Daisuke has been an employee at Meieki school for longer than I have (I know that means nothing, but everyone loves him). He mostly handles administrative tasks, like the ones that us non-Japanese speaking staff can’t handle. He also makes fliers, is an Excel spreadsheet guru, and claims to speak no English. Even so, every now and then he surprises me with a grammatically-perfect sentence that rocks my socks right off. I wonder if he spends all of his quiet-time formulating those things…. The world may never know.

Because Daisuke is leaving our school to work for another school. Not on his own terms, but on orders from the corporate office. It appears that the other school needs his wizardry more than we do, so off he goes. Naturally, we couldn’t send him off without a small goodbye party, so the staff organized a “Yakiniku” dinner. “Yakiniku” literally means “cook meat”, so don’t get too excited.

Sammy and Daisuke. Bye Dais!

Wearing their "Bibs". You might look ridiculous, but your tie will be clean as a whistle.

It was really fun. Everyone was drinking. Even the most proper of proper didn’t stand a chance. It was relaxing and fun and ended the workday nicely.



Since you can’t see me writing this, I thought I’d tell you that last picture made me hungry enough to get food. So now I write with a sandwich…

From left to right are Ayano, Miyuki, and Eri. Japanese staff at the Meieki school. In the middle is Yakiniku. Cook it yourself. It saves the restaurant money. Ironically, they also charge you more for this.

Miyuki, Eri, and Tina flashing their peace signs.

We ended the night kind of late. Around 1am. We all went off our separate ways. I’m lucky because when I have to take a taxi I get to split the cost with Tina and Zach. Everyone else though, is up to their own devices. It was a good night and a great weekend!

Me. Not drunk at all.

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