The City at Night

There’s something particularly special about a big city at night – especially in the summer. It’s like the whole earth is on a pinwheel where the characters change from day to night. The sun goes away and the moon comes out, along with the people who have been hiding inside to escape the heat.

I did the same thing last week. For a change, as the sun went down, I was getting ready to go. I went out to see the city with no agenda other than to have no agenda.

I thought the pictures and atmosphere were particularly wonderful.

At dusk. I love this picture because it shows the flashiness of the streets and the beauty of the architecture.

Yes, it happened here too...

After walking through the city for almost 90 minutes, I was able to see the TV tower in Sakae poking up through the trees.

On Sakae's "Main Street"

For some reason, when I think of Japan I always thought that things would be small, that I’d be ducking under doorways or constantly having to watch my head. I have no idea why. It’s definitely not the case though. Everything’s gigantic.

Oasis with the TV tower in the background

From Oasis. A view of the city below...

One of my favorite pictures of the evening. You can see a couple walking down the pathway of Oasis with the TV tower standing elegantly behind them. I think this is when I fell in love with the city the most.

On top of Oasis. I loved this building because each window had something different going on. In one, someone was working on a paper, in another two people were eating dinner. It was like a real-life collage of daily life.

The fountain in Sakae. There are a million fountains, but I think this one is my favorite.

On the way back, I stopped at the Ferris Wheel to take a quick picture. I haven't been up in it yet. I want to do that with someone else too!

The city really captured me that night. Some pictures stuck in my mind instead of the memory card of my camera. I walked past more than one restaurant or cafe I’d like to revisit. But the walk was amazing, better than staying at home and some small part of me wanted company to share it with. Since I’ve been so busy with work I’ve barely had the time to make friends. So I think that’s what I’ll be working on next. But in the meantime, a few more of these small adventures will definitely be happening!

3 thoughts on “The City at Night

  1. Cool dude! I loved the ferris wheel and the building with all the different lights in it.

    Keep sharing!

    What would it take for me to find you in Japan? Fun times ahead brotha!

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