Lazy Sunday at Fukui Beach

I’ve been really lucky having Zach at my school. He’s one of the other foreign teachers and he’s always inviting me out with him and his girlfriend, Mari, to do fun things. They took me to the mall when I first got here to buy a fan and some things for the apartment. They invite me to sushi dinners and to get eel  with Mari’s parents. I’m practically the ultimate third wheel, but still they invite me along. So when they invited me to Fukui beach last weekend, I said yes, naturally.

Fukui beach is on the north side of Japan. It’s a 3 hour drive from Nagoya through the mountains. almost straight north.

Fukui, directly north of Nagoya, Wakasa Bay

It’s absolutely beautiful. The water is clear and the beaches are pristine. It was SO nice to jump in the water after living here for these few hot and humid weeks. We got there around noon and stayed to watch the sunset before hitting the road to head back home. Zach brought his grill, so we barbecued dinner on the beach and stretched out for naps before the sun went down.

When we got back to Nagoya, we went to a game center called “Round 1”, it’s basically like Brunswick zone in the States, except once you pay the entrance fee, EVERYTHING is free. That means arcade games, bowling, karaoke, airsoft gun shooting, batting cages, basketball/soccer courts, archery, etc. It’s INSANE. Even after getting home at 10:30 we managed to entertain ourselves for 3 and a half hours before returning to the car absolutely spent.

It was an absolutely amazing day.

2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday at Fukui Beach

  1. David,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blogs. I think you have a hidden career as a travel writer. Keep it up. Bruce

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