Nagoya Castle

Me, Zach, and George in front of the Castle

Sorry for the delay in writing. With all the new stuff happening I haven’t had time to post regularly. I’ll try to keep posting on a weekly basis from here on out…

About two weeks ago I went to go see Nagoya castle with Zach, George (a guy from my training group), and Ayano (a Japanese coworker). It’s pretty famous here in Nagoya. It was orginally constructed in the 1500’s, leveled in world war II from fire bombings, and reconstructed in the late 1950’s into what it is today. It’s very modern. Elevator shafts run up the middle of it bringing people from the ground to the top viewing platform. Each floor on the way down holds artifacts, pictures, and information on the temple and its history. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

Ayano, one of the Japanese staff at my school

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much more because there’s a sumo wrestling match happening in Nagoya for the next two weeks. For that reason, many of the gardens and parks were closed off. I’m hoping to go back either this summer or in the spring of next year to see the cherry blossoms and the gardens while everything comes back to life! Still, this building is one that’s rich with history. I’d recommend you check out the wikipedia page here to read up on it.

Me riding one of the golden "shachi" that adorn the top of the Castle.

The view of Nagoya city from the top of the tower. Underscored by the gable of the Castle.

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