It’s getting hot in here (so freakin’ hot…)

Ok, I grew up in a semi-arid climate. Sure, it snows – but it also can push 100 degrees pretty easily in the summer. The only difference between Colorado and Nagoya is that Nagoya will push 90 degrees and be at 85% humidity. Plus, I’m wearing a suit. Imagine sweating through your clothes in public. Now imagine everyone is doing it.

Yeah, it’s gross.

Nagoya is pretty typical of Japan, people wear their suits no matter what. The government has done a push recently for a new “cool biz” attire, where business professionals can skip the tie and wear a short sleeve shirt instead of suit jackets. The goal is to cut down on the use of A/C. But usually the tie is necessary to cover up the fact that you’re sweating through your shirt. The Japanese almost always carry around a handkerchief that they use to dab at sweat. I haven’t picked up that habit yet, but it’s supposed to get hotter so I might just put a kiddie pool at the front of my room and teach from there.

Enough complaining though. The weekend was great! Tina and I went to a city called Sakae on Sunday to look around. It’s basically the place to be for eating, drinking, and shopping.

When people here in Japan shop, they actually buy stuff. It’s weird because in the U.S. I find myself meandering around looking at things, but never actually buying it. Well, I think if America shopped like the Japanese our recession would be fixed in no time. I’ll start working on a letter to Obama.

I’m finally getting moved in, the room is much cleaner and organized now. Things are settling into place. I even bought a couple of tomato plants that I’m growing in a crate on my balcony. It’s starting to feel like home.

My company car... Just kidding. But seriously...

Where we ate lunch. Apparently we ordered an entire chicken which had been conveniently hacked to bits. But it was delicious I'll give them that...

The indoor mall

Me by an awesome fountain. I was laughing at the little old lady who was, coincidentally, laughing at me for thinking the stupid fountain was cool.Sakae