My Japanese Apartment

Ok, so it’s not actually Japanese. The layout is designated as “Western”, which means I have carpet and wood instead of the traditional tatami mat floor. It’s small, but as I told my coworkers, I lived in a dorm room for the past two years… I actually have my own bathroom.

I moved in this past Monday July 13 and the apartment was empty from the last teacher who lived here. He left me some things that he knew I would need, like kitchen utensils and stuff like that, so that helped a lot.

I live in a place called Nishi Biwajima (I think). It’s about a 5 minute train ride outside of Nagoya. I’ll post on this town next weekend when the rain clears and I can walk around a little bit. I live in the same building as the two other foreign teachers, so we’re all close to each other. These are a few pictures. The bathroom is entirely waterproof. I could close the door and shower right in front of the sink and it wouldn’t even matter. It has a drain in the bathtub and a drain in the middle of the floor. It makes it easy to clean.

The bed is lofted, but right now it’s a little to hot and humid to sleep up there, so my bed is on the floor by the screen door. We’re right by the train tracks, which is good for work and bad for sleep. I usually wake up to the sound of trains in the morning. Check out some of the pictures!

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