Let the year begin!

I’m done with training! We had a really intense week of work. Planning lessons, reading over work materials and practicing our teaching. I’ve met two groups of teachers so far. One is the group I trained with (about 7 teachers, mostly from the US). The second group is who I’ll be working with at my school (2 teachers). Last night I went out with a bunch of the students and other teachers from my school. On a side note, one of the other teachers who I work with has the same last name as I do. Small world.

I got to meet about 60 of the students last night. They had a big welcome party for me at a restaurant with all you can eat and drink. The food was sooooo good! After that we went out to sing karaoke. I didn’t take that many pictures. The teacher I’m replacing is from Canada, so is another teacher I’ll be working with. They like to have a good time. The other teacher is from London and was going to Tokyo for the weekend. She seems really cool as well.

We were out until 4 am so the teachers from my training group and I decided to get together at noon to go get our Inkan. It’s basically a personalized “stamp” that you use to authorize documents. I’ll be needing it to get my Alien Registration Card and open my bank account. It was about Y530. Since we had some time to kill while they machined our Inkans, we walked around the mall. The shopping here is INCREDIBLE. Almost every student I talked to listed it as one of their hobbies. Right across the street from where I work there’s a building that holds all of the nice restaurants and stores. Prada and Louis Vuitton are both there. Across the street, in the station, there are a couple of skyscrapers. One of them has dedicates the 12th floor to restaurants and you can sit out on a balcony overlooking the city while you eat. It’s absolutely incredible. I’m excited to try them out:)

I still can’t speak Japanese, only a few phrases here and there. I’ll have to start studying soon. Until then, I’m trying to learn the names as they are, and I’ll give more detailed descriptions as I visit those restaurants in the next year:) Til then, stay tuned. Here are some pictures.

Lunch with our education director (pink shirt across from me)

The mall in the Midway Center. 5 minutes from work.

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