My room has this view, but from the opposite side of the square. Not bad for $7.80/night. See link below...

I participated in a Leadership exchange between CSU and UADY the past academic year through the SLiCE office at CSU where I worked at the time. It was really cool. It wasn’t necessarily the traveling part that made it so cool, but all the amazing people I met. People in the SLiCE office who I had never known and people in Mexico who I probably never would have met otherwise.

My new friends Pam and Enrique participated in the exchange on Mexico’s side and got to come to the U.S. this spring to visit CSU. I’ve had this little deal going on with Pam that if I went to visit her in Mexico she would come to Japan to visit me when I start work there. Of course, I only had a 3 week break between school ending and leaving for Japan, so I was trying to get her to count my trip in November of 2010 as my end of the deal. There was no way I’d have the time or the money to get to Mexico before I left.

Fast-forward about a week, Pam and I are talking one night, and we bring up our deal. I checked online and round-trip flights to Cancun were $280! That’s an awesome deal. To make the deal even sweeter I checked my Rewards points balance on my Citi mtvU credit card and they paid for my flight! Total out-of-pocket cost for ticket = $0.

Since I was going to Merida, hotels/hostels were also a lot cheaper, so I am currently staying in a Hostel right on the city center for approx. $7.80 per night (including breakfast!). The downside is there’s no A/C, but nights have been cool so far. To get my A/C and pool fix before I leave I’m switching to a separate hotel down the street for about $45/night.

All in all, I kept my end of the bargain with Pam and I get a little fresh air and sunshine out of it! Not a bad way to spend the last few days in (North) America!

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