Post One

Alright, so first off – try to ignore the heading. I made it one night and kept it partially because it’s so ridiculous. It will probably stick around because I don’t feel like designing a new one. And yes – that’s me.

In January I decided that I wanted to travel one more time before I start my career in accounting. Now when I say “travel” I don’t mean just head to Mexico and lay on the beach for 5 days. I really mean LIVE somewhere in a different culture: experience life, the food, the people, make friends and maybe even enemies before leaving and coming back with a refreshed perspective on my life here in the USA. I wanted something different. I studied abroad in Spain (where I kept a blog you can view here), but I wanted something different, something crazy, and something entirely out of my comfort zone.

I chose Asia. Specifically Japan.

Now it turns out a lot of students do this type of thing. It’s called a “gap-year”. The term was popularized by students who take a year after graduating, or before starting, college to travel, work, or do something other than school. In my case, I had an excellent job offer at a company that I love, but I know it will be long hours and at times I’ll be disenchanted with it, so why not travel first? I know, from study abroad, that those memories from my travels will sustain me through the tough times and make me a better, more educated professional.

I leave June 3rd. I’m selling my stuff, storing my car at my brother’s house, and packing two suitcases with the things that will sustain me for the first year. I got a letter from my school, I’ve been in contact with my hiring staff, and I’m almost ready to buy some yen… Almost.

But first, I’m going to Mexico…

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