I thought I´d be able to do 80 km in one day without problems, but I got about halfway before the sun was setting and I was in the middle of nowhere.

Cue the creepy abandoned house.

Yes, I slept there, and yes it was terrifying. I collected wood for a fire, heard some weird moaning animal, discovered more than a few bird carcasses just laying around, and slept on wood pallets that kept me off of a dirty concrete floor. I´d recommend this to no one. On top of that, the popping wood in the fire burned a hole in my jacket. FML. I got out of there at the first light of dawn.

I made it! Those legs hurt.

I made it! Those legs hurt.

Salzburg made up for whatever happened along the way. I stayed at Yoho youth hostel and had some great roommates. There I also met Helen, from England, who wound up doing a bike tour with me the next day.

Thanks to Ryan from Sevilla, I had a detailed biking itinerary to see the city of Salzburg. For those that don´t know Salzburg is where ¨The Sound of Music¨ was filmed and all the green fields and views of the Alps in that movie are very real. If you want to bike itinerary you can email me (if you don’t know my email, leave a comment with your email).

We began in the northeast part of the town and worked our way down and through the main town where all the shopping and attractions are, then we circled around the hill where the Fortress is and down to see the house and gazebo where some key scenes from the movie took place. Then, Helen had to leave to catch a train and I continued to explore around the Fortress and the hill that has some incredible views of the city. That night, I left for Munich.

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