The exciting things ahead…

Ok, so my educational program officially ends this Saturday, May 16th. However, being the presumptuous person that I am, I figured I would want to stick around Europe for awhile, so back in November 2008 when I booked my ticket I didn’t book my return flight until June 22. I’ve officially filled up the entire month with things to do.

Starting Sunday, May 17th I leave for an educational trip to Santiago de Compostela, which is located in the region of Spain just north of Portugal. If you remember how I mentioned getting a grant to study the different languages in Spain, Galician is one of them. Santiago de Compostela is just north of Galicia as well and a bus trip will have me down there in a few hours. I’m couchsurfing with a guy named Jon for four days and exploring the city, meeting some strangers for coffee, and interviewing some older people for my paper. rules!

On May 23rd I fly back into Sevilla, grab ahold of the bike I am purchasing here, spend the night, and the next day leave for Frankfurt, Germany, where I will bike almost 800 miles in two weeks. I will be staying with German students who I met here in Nuremberg and Passau and staying in hotels in Munich, Salzburg (where they filmed ‘The Sound of Music’) and Frankfurt. I make a beeline to Passau before looping around through Salzburg and Munich to return through Nuremberg and back to the airport. Here is the google map of my journey. Just call me Lance Armstrong. I will sell the bike before I leave Germany.

Then, after 2 weeks in Germany, on June 8th, I fly out of Frankfurt and into Pisa, Italy, where I spend a week bussing around the coast and sleeping on beaches and benches in Florence, Cinque Terra, Rome, and Amalfi Beach. June 16th, I fly back into Madrid to visit some of my Mom’s friends and it culminates with a bus back to Sevilla where I’ll pick up my stuff and hop on a plane bound for Denver, CO.

I’m way pumped.

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