img_3906There’s nothing better than going to a beach. That is, of course, unless you’re the only guy going with 9 beautiful women for 3 days!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this happened to me, David. The things I learned on this trip were unforgettable, probably will someday be useful and I’m sure will resonate with all the ladies who undoubtedly tune in to this blog (probably because I’m so humble).

At any rate, the trip began the day after Becca’s birthday celebration, which pretty much means we all lay claim to our adult juice boxes and hate ourselves the next morning.  Anyway, after a rough morning we finally left to Cadiz, which (if you remember from the earlier blog) is two hours away. When we reached the bus station there we hopped on another 20 minute bus that took us to Conil, a little town just outside of Cadiz.

Our plan was to rent an apartment (2 of them actually) and stay there for a long weekend. The apartment rental between 10 of us only ran me 25 euro for three nights, which I thought was a fantastic deal. I rode the bus with Erica and Kristi, we only got lost once, which I will call a success any day. When we finally got there we met the rest of the group on the beach and stayed there until sunset. Luggage still in tow, we hiked up a hill for about 15 minutes to get to our new home. It was absolutely perfect. The apartments were right on top of each other and they shared a common room. Each apartment had a kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. They fit all 10 of us comfortably.

The weird thing about traveling with 9 girls is that someone is bound to know how to cook, anddid they ever! Dana made AWESOME guacamole, Erica braved her irrational fear of tomatoes to make salsa, and Jenna made a sweet batch of nachos. If any meal would’ve destroyed somebody’s Jenny Craig regimen, that would have been it.

Our nights were mostly spent at the apartment, playing cards, games, telling stories (which were interesting), eating, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company. I wish we could have done something like this at the beginning of the semester when we could have really gotten to know each other instead of right before we all leave. For the first time, we didn’t go out to bars or clubs, we just hung out with each other. It was so awesome that the lack of testosterone didn’t even matter.

The beach was fantastic, the water was warm enough to swim in (although uncomfortable when it got past the upper thighs) and the sun was enough to get a tan. One rainy day had us stuck inside for the majority of the day, but we kept ourselves entertained.

Overall the women were awesome, they treated me well, took advantage of my male opinions, shared generously, and overall were great sports about not making me vomit with abundant details of normal female bodily functions. As I prepared myself the following Monday to leave for an 8 hour bus to Madrid, I found myself missing them already.

Our house on the right

Our house on the right

Sunset, night 1

Sunset, night 1

Our beach. Random couple on a stroll.

Our beach. Random couple on a stroll.

On the bus to Madrid :(

On the bus to Madrid 😦

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