Lagos, Portugal

"The End Of The World"

"The End Of The World"

Lagos was the “beach trip” of our program. The one we had all been waiting for because after a long winter, we all needed some sun.

The weather was beautiful, slightly overcast and rainy on our arrival, but it cleared up wonderfully for our next day. When we first got there we stopped at a point referred to as “The End Of The World”. It’s the southern most point of Portugal and faces out into an empty Atlantic Ocean. The cliffs are hundreds of feet high, and more than once I heard Laura warning, “Daaaviiid…” as I got closer and closer to peek over the edge.  But I survived, all of us did, and after that we got to check out our hotel. It was called “Tivoli” and was a 4 star hotel in Lagos. It had 2 pools and this cool outdoor garden with ponds and turtles and fishies. We had to leave the hotel to party (our group tends to have a problem with keeping entire hotels awake at night), so we went to a bar called “3 Monkeys” and another bar that had a live band. I think I stayed for one song and then got lost.

Tivoli. Hotel outdoor pool.

Tivoli. Hotel outdoor pool.

It was James’ birthday, so we showed him a good time and he wound up being brought home by three girls who found him pensively hanging out on a street corner. It wasn’t long after he got home that he ruptured our eardrums with his snoring (thanks for those earplugs Dad).

The next day we stopped at Dona Maria beach. Which was surrounded by cliffs and grottoes and even had a cool cave that you could crawl up into and hang out! I went in the water, only about waist deep because it was pretty cold and the sun was behind clouds. Overall though, the weather was great, I got a tan, and everybody seemed to have fun. I broke my frisbee:( The one that lights up no longer lights up. Don’t take those things near water.

Anyway, that afternoon we got on the bus and got back to Sevilla. Lagos was definitely beautiful and I’d go back in a heartbeat. I think the next city worth exploring would be Lisbon, since it’s actually a very historical city for it’s involvement in trade with the Americas. I’ll now leave you with a few pics. By a few I mean one more.

Dona Maria Beach

Dona Maria Beach

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