Semana Santa

The purple hoods.

The purple hoods.

For us, spring break comes in the form of  a week-long observation of the death of Christ. Beginning a week before Easter, the various churches in and around Sevilla participate in extravagant parades that are marched from their respective churches around the city. If you’ve ever seen the pictures of the people walking with hoods like those of the KKK, then you know what I’m talking about.

The most impressive part of these parades are los pasos (floats) that are painted, decorated with flowers and candles, and carried (by people) around the city. These floats can be carried by up to thirty men, who aren’t visible under the float, although sometimes you can hear them talking to each other. The floats walk, then stop, then continue, then stop, etc. giving people the opportunity to view them, take pictures, touch them, or whatever it is they want to do. The floats depict characters from the Bible; Christ carrying the cross, The Virgin Mary, and the Apostles make appearence atop these large floats.

The streets are CROWDED! At one point we found ourselves boxed in on all sides by pasos and people, so it took us almost an hour and a sacreligious run through the parade just to get home.

An impressive float of the Virgin Mary.

An impressive float of the Virgin Mary.

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