Ronda is one of the CEA sponsored excursions that we had planned for this semester and although the city did not look too exciting in pictures, I found it to be a really charming little place. It’s located about an hour and a half to the southeast of Sevilla and is located in an area a little more mountainous. Because of the geography, the city sits atop what seems to be a giant plateau that is surrounded by mountains and split in two by Guadalevin river.

The main attraction in Ronda is a gigantic bridge that spans the river and the old bullring, which is the oldest Spanish bullring still in use today. Ernest Hemingway and Orson Wells also used to live in Ronda for many years and wrote about its immense beauty. If that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what will.

We began our walk at the old part of the city and worked our way down to a viewing area of Puente Nuevo which was built in 1793 after the first one collapsed, killing roughly 50 people. The new bridge is a pretty impressive sight, with a height of nearly 98 meters you can see it plunge down into the canyon which it spans. We walked along a viewing area opposite the bridge, before circling down below it to see the Arab bath house.

The Arab bath house was interesting, although it isn’t in use today, it still had a nice little animated video to show you how they use the work. The house worked in phases, with one room being the “hot room” which connected to the “warm room” and consequently the “cold room” before exiting into a square where a water basin kept water for washing feet, etc. before entering the bath house. The baths were habitual and generally the place to mingle.

We circled back up onto the side wherePuente Nuevo is, and stopped at a small house built on the edge of the cliffs. The house wasincredible and the view from the backyard was really something to see. It also had a bunch of flowers outside, which quickly caught the attention of my camera. I think I took more pictures of flowers than of the actual house.

With that, we met up with Emily and Nolan, who had traveled themselves to see the city and went to see the bullring. It was ok, nothing too special, so I’ll leave you with a picture and you can google it if you want 🙂 Anyway, that’s about it. Ronda’s a great daytrip, definitely worth seeing.

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