I finally got to Barcelona! The sun is setting now on the beach. Right now I’m at the cafe in my hostel, drinking coffee and watching people pack up their stuff. The beach was lively today, it’s like the river in Sevilla, everyone seems to come out and relax after a long weekend and before work on Monday.

Ash and I

Ash and I

The trip here wasn’t difficult, except that I hurt my knee running, so carrying all of my stuff was really painful. Ryanair flies into Reus airport, almost an hour away from downtown Barcelona. The bus was easy to find and costs 20 euro for a round-trip ticket. I got into Barcelona around noon and immediately bought a T-10 pass, which allows you to use the public transportation 10 separate times, and jumped on the metro to get to the beach. Being the educated adult that I am, I turned off my phone on the plane, forgetting that you need a PIN # to turn it back on. I forgot mine. My hostel name and phone number and everything wasin a text message on the phone so luckily, while walking the beach, I turned a corner and there it was! Hooray! So I checked in and immediately jumped on the internet to message Naveen so he could look it up for me.

The view directly outside my hostel. The really do mean "Sea Point"

The view directly outside my hostel. The really do mean "Sea Point"

With my phone now on and my bed made for the night, I wandered out into the city. Barcelona is MUCH larger than Sevilla. Walking to see everything would probably put you in a wheelchair. I walked the beach, viewing the restaurants and attractions they had setup, then returned to the hotel for a much needed nap.

That night, I walked up to meet my friend Ashley at her parents’ hotel room near the top of “La Rambla”, she looked great after her semester in London! We caught up, said hi to her parents, and looked over the maps for some tourist destinations for the next day before going to find Senait, who we finally found around midnight. By then, we walked back down the beach to meet up with Ashley’s parents and were planned to go out, but by the time we found them it was 1:30am and we decided to call it a night.

Yesterday I took the bus from my hotel to Plaza Catalunya to meet up with Becca. In the interim, I grabbed another bus to Placa de Espanya and walked down to the musical fountain and up to the Contemporary Art Museum. Behind the museum are a bunch of parks and sights, so I spent a few hours hiking around up there, taking advantage of my now-lighter backpack. My knee still hurt, but it was feeling better. After walking through the park it was another trip on the metro to see Park Guell, and Gaudi’s house which is now a museum. The whole place was amazing, and crawling with people. I stayed for a few hours and then headed home to eat. Last night, I woke up from a nap just in time to go see the musical fountain, which was great!



(Think Bellagio, but maybe not so extravagant). I met Sam and Mariah there and went back down to Plaza Catalunya to find some food. Then it was back down to the beach, where I met Senait, Ashley and her parents to go into club Opium, which is a ridiculously expensive beachside club. Ashley’s parents had a card to get us in for free, but two of my hostelmates who I saw there each paid 20euro to get in! We headed home about 3am.

Today I checked out of my hostel to see the Sagrada Familia. It is incredible and much bigger than I imagined. It was designed and constructed by Gaudi beginning in 1882 and is expected to continue construction for another 30 years! Gaudi spent the last 40 years of his life working on it and the amount of planning and research that went into designing it were amazing to me. The entire building is inspired by natural design

La Sagrada Familia, in all it's splendor.

La Sagrada Familia, in all it's splendor.

and the use of geometric shapes, lines, and curves that mimic those found in nature kind of makes it feel like you’re standing within a giant forest. It was 9 euros to get in, but I definitely think it was worth it. It will be exciting to come back once it is all finished.

I don’t have many plans for tonight, I have a feeling it will be pretty slow. I head back to Sevilla on Tuesday at 6 am so I still have tomorrow day to look around a little bit.

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