La Universidad de Sevilla

Standing outside the front entrance. Day 3.

Standing outside the front entrance. Day 3.

This is where I go to school. It’s a gigantic place, with nearly 75,000 students currently enrolled and attending classes. The building is rich in history. Originally built for the storage of tobacco plants from America, the building was insulated and kept at a constant temperature to ensure optimal growing conditions. Also, until the 50’s the building was a factory for the production of cigarettes. The movie Carmen was made detailing the life of one of these workers. The building is also gigantic and easy to get lost in, but it also means that you’re bound to stumble upon some kind of plaza or open area that you haven’t seen before.

I am currently enrolled in Fonetica and Fonologia, Cine Contemporaneo, Los Negocios, La Historia de Esclavitud en Latinoamerica, and Escritura Creativa. My professors are great; they are very smart and friendly. Sometimes, class can be a little dry. I think some of the professors talk down to us because there are students in the classes who speak very little Spanish. For example, today in Escritura Creativa we had a substitute who brought in a worksheet describing the uses for accent marks in Spanish language, and how the placement in some words can change their meaning. Not even halfway into the lecture, James raised his hand and said, “We already know this, and could we do something else?” For that, she had us do the worksheet and she let us go, an hour and a half early. Bring on the weekend.

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