Great News!

As some of you may know, I recently applied for a small research grant at CSU called the “Honors Enrichment Program”. The award can be applied for yearly, and can be applied for by anyone doing a personal or group leadership development program or private study. I filled out a proposal, citing the fact that I’ll be in Spain and would like to take some extra time to study the three main variations in Spanish (They are Catalan, Castilian, and Basque).

To do so requires me to travel to three regions of Spain. Sevilla, where I’m currently studying; Galicia, North of Portugal where Basque is us; and Barcelona, famous for Catalan. I checked my email inbox today and I got an email from Cindy at the Honors Program saying, “Congratulations! Your Honors Enrichment Award application has been approved”. YES! I leave for Barcelona in two weeks. Galicia will be schedule for the end of May.

The only catch is that I have to send in a write-up (and pictures) of my experience and explain how it benefitted me. I plan on going all out, CSU can expect video documentation and written research on the three dialects. Call me Rick Steves… 😀

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