A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

My view. As I write...

My view. As I write...

As part of my trip, I’m keeping a paper journal as well to write down thoughts while I’m away from the computer. Here’s an excerpt:

The weather is beautiful today. Special thanks to whoever made that happen. It seems like everyone is out walking and now Thursday is the new Friday from school so the relief was palpable as I walked home from class. My hair has gotten long. I can’t imagine what it will look like in 5 months. I went for a run along el rio guadalquivir this morning and discovered an entire wall that is filled with all kinds of graffiti for more than a mile. Some of it is political, others just there for beauty. I’ll post pictures next time I remember to bring my camera.

I’ve been looking for travel opportunities for my extra month after my program ends. I think I’ve found a place (again thanks to Becca). It’s called Amalfi Beach, near Naples, Italy. Google image it, seriously, it’s gorgeous. To spend a month there would be an unbelievable experience. I think I’m ready to make the transition to Italian as well, what a great place to learn:)

I talked to a man with a program NuevasLenguas, about teaching English. He said that oftentimes Spanish families will contact him for someone to come teach their children a few times a week. He also mentioned a program where you live with a Spanish family and take care of their kids, like a nanny. In exchange for doing household chores and taking care of the kids you get 55€ per week and free room and board. It sounded like an amazing deal because you get to vacation with the families and everything. Unfortunately, the duration of employment lasts until September, and classes start at CSU in mid-August, so for now it looks like that option might not work.

Fun fact: today we were told that Sevilla is the third-ranked city (not including Europe’s capitol cities) in which to get a genuine European experience. First and second were Florence and Venice, in Italy. If I were to study abroad again, it would most likely be in Italy.

) Que guay

With some students from CEA for coffee. On a floating bar:) Que guay

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