Sitting pretty in Seville

Next to the bull heads at one of our tapas bars

Next to the bull heads at one of our tapas bars

I’m going to start off today’s blog by talking about well – blogging. I settled on this background because it was way better than the boring one I had to begin with. However, it’s called “Sunburn”, and as far as I know nobody likes sunburn and there’s at least five more pages of themes to choose from, so expect my background/layout to change frequently until I find one that suits me.

This week we started classes at La Universidad De Sevilla, which used to be a used to store tobacco and manufacture cigarettes. More on that later…

My classes are very interesting so far, save a few, which are so pedantic I could hardly believe they could make it last two hours. I’m debating whether to endure the drudgery for the easy ‘Pass’ or switch to something that is actually interesting and challenging. I’m hoping to get the majority of my classes on Monday and Wednesday in case I decide to take an extra day for weekend travel.

In Sevilla, I opted to do a homestay. CEA (the program), sets you up with a family and you live with them, eat their food, try to understand what they’re saying, wrestle with their kids, or whatever… I’m living with this lady Juana, who has 4 kids who are all adults, and 3 grandkids who come over about once a week to hang out and bother me and my roommate, Naveen.

Gonzalo tocando su violin

Gonzalo tocando su violin

Gonzalo is probably my favorite, he’s 4, plays violin and loves turning off my computer while I’m in the middle of writing blogs. He’s the cousin of twins Alonzo and Eva, who are 6 years old and very energetic. Generally, when the kids are over, there’s a theme of quiet, which ramps up to loud, which ramps up to obnoxious, which is right when Juana starts screaming at them and the process starts over again.

After almost three weeks here in Spain, I think my Spanish is improving, and usually I help Naveen communicate, even though he’s getting a lot better as well.

My favorite part of Spain so far is the people and the orange trees that line the streets. Juana’s daughters took me out the other night, but they talk so fast and use so much slang that half of the time I had no idea what they were saying, but they were fun to dance with and they showed me some nearby bars where we can go hang out, dance, and listen to music.

"Los Naranjos"

"Los Naranjos"

I’ve gotten to meet so many amazing people, I’m looking forward to our next few excursions. This weekend we have a flamenco show, next weekend we go to Granada. There are so many more stories to tell! But I’ll save those for next time. Looks like I have some catching up to do. Until then, un beso y hasta luego 🙂

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